G-PACK PRO 70- Desktop Standing Desk Converter | Sit-To-Stand Work Desk Riser | Adjustable from 5.7” to 19.7” | Fits Dual Monitor -Removable Keyboard Tray | Ergonomically Designed for Multipurpose Works

G-Pack Pro



G-PACK PRO -Desktop Standing Desk Converter - Ergonomic Desk Converter Riser Stand for Sit-To-Stand Work - Adjustable 35” Standing Desk Monitor Riser - Fits Dual Monitor - Removable Keyboard Tray

If you are looking for effective ways to ameliorate your posture at work or at home, then our standing desk is the way to go. Made from durable materials, this wide 35″ stand-up table will satisfy even the most demanding working needs. Place it one any sturdy surface and allow it to sit down or stand up as many times as you like since it rises and folds vertically without having to make extra space around!

Upon designing this stand up mount desk, we tried to make it extremely ergonomic and convenient for all. The fully adjustable height of our table will truly impress you, as it has INFINITE height levels for people of all heights and sizes. It also rises to 19.7", the TALLEST of all other similar products! Find the best position for you and enjoy this workstation to the fullest without straining your hands or back anymore!

Forget all about cheaply made standing desks and invest on our durable workstation. It is equipped with a resilient spring hovering mechanism that will unfasten your hands and allow you to smoothly change the position of the desk within a few seconds. The easy transition from downwards to upwards and vice versa will be achieved through a light squeeze of the handles. Piece of cake, right?

This adjustable desk platform has a large working area that will allow you not only to work but also hold all your absolute essentials! Place on top, your dual monitors, TV or laptop, a camera, a printer or a microphone, your tablet or iPhone, company’s telephone, maybe a calendar or your fresh cup of coffee. Do you need more? This desk has, staying within the overall footprint, a lowered keyboard and mouse tray for better ergonomics.
FINE STANDING POSTURE DESK FURNITURE FOR ALL: If you worry about your working lifestyle and you need to take drastic measures to enhance your body posture, then we got you covered. Our stand up and sit down tall desk will allow you to find the proper stance, alleviate unbearable back and neck pains and soothe wrist discomfort caused by poor typing and mouse holding postures. Now you can enjoy your work and become more productive again!

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