G-PACK PRO - Desktop Standing Desk Converter | Sit-To-Stand Work Desk Riser | Adjustable from 5.7” to 19.7” | Fits Dual Monitor -Removable Keyboard Tray | Ergonomically Designed for Multipurpose Works

G-PACK PRO - Desktop Standing Desk Converter | Sit-To-Stand Work Desk Riser | Adjustable from 5.7” to 19.7” | Fits Dual Monitor -Removable Keyboard Tray | Ergonomically Designed for Multipurpose Works


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  • BE MORE PRODUCTIVE and HELP YOUR POSTURE with G-PRO STAND UP DESK CONVERTERS: Make your workstation more comfortable find the healthy balance between sitting and standing throughout the day. You'll find yourself getting more done and feeling better with easily adjustable ergonomic positions for your computer desk.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE STANDING DESK WITH REMOVALABLE KEYBOARD TRAY - Whetherto standing position up to an impressive height of 19.3” in seconds. The ergonomic keyboard tray is removable for maximum versatility. you're 5'1" or 6'1" you can convert your regular desk to a sit to stand desk and adjust it to the height that’s right for you. With a smooth gas spring lift mechanism you can go from the sitting
  • SAVE SPACE with the G-PACK PRO SIT STAND DESK CONVERTER - If you're worried about losing space with clunky desk riser systems think again - the G-Pack Pro height adjustable desk converter is 35.4” wide and rises and folds vertically so you don't lose any space.
  • LARGE 35.4" WORK SPACE FITS DUAL MONITORS WITH PLENTY OF ROOM - The G-Pack Pro standup desk converter features a wide desk table space, removable keyboard tray, and a resilient spring hovering mechanism for smooth adjustments in seconds. Transform your regular computer desk into a complete workstation with room for all of your office accessories and computer set-up.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE with a VERSATILE DESIGN FOR LAPTOP and DESKTOP COMPUTERS - G-Pack Pro's ergonomically designed standing desk riser is ideal for any computer and space. Make a pro workstation desk at home or save space in your dorm room. Everything you need is included so you can set it up within minutes.

Finally, the most easily convertible infinitely adjustable Sit tor Stand you've been looking for has just been released!

Enhance your work experience with G-PACK PRO Desktop StandingupUnlike other desk converters that limit your options, the adjustable desk converter by G-PACK PRO gives you as many options as you need! Our adjustable desk converter rises and lowers vertically, saving valuable space in your workstation, offering better stabilization and a more comfortable reading distance. Enjoy a more comfortable working position while increasing your productivity.

Our improved single-handle resilient spring hovering mechanism makes it super easy to safely adjust the height of the desk, offering you a multitude of height options in a matter of seconds. You will never need to use two hands or extra force.

Designed with a large 35" workspace, our convertible computer desk gives you the space you need to accommodate dual screens and any other tools you need to get your work done seamlessly.

Features that make us stand out:

  • Change the sit stand desk at any point, from 5.7" to 19.7" to find the perfect height.
  • Adjust the desk stand riser with only a light squeeze of our improved single-handle resilient spring hovering handle.
  • Don't have to take up extra room for your desk. Thanks to the straight up and down movement contained to its own footprint.
  • Made from super high-quality heavy-duty materials and offers a sturdy triple leg base.
  • Removable keyboard tray for user preference ensuring more room for bigger projects and a cleaner workspace.
  • Very minimal out of the box assembly! Place on your existing desk and start organizing your workstation. Use at home as well as the office!
  • Feel free to sit or stand. Feel awesome while you work.


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